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All women want to find and go out with nice guys, (or at least that’s what they say) and sometimes, you really can’t detect whether a guy is faking his niceness just to get into your pants or he’s a real deal. Sometimes, you’ll really never know until you go out with him for a few times.

That is why you need to be more keen if the guy you are with right now is genuinely nice. Here are a few sings you are dating a genuinely nice guy:

He calls his parents regularly


A nice guy will always make it a point to reach his parents out. He’ll always talk to them just about anything. If your man regularly calls his parents, then he must be great because it shows how he values family and communication with the people he truly cares for. This goes handy as your relationship matures, especially when you become apart for a few days.

He cares about your dreams


Guys who understand that you also have needs are genuinely nice. He knows that you are a person who wants to achieve some things in life. Be it an art career, a job in reporting or business, he will care about them. He will support you with all the things you want to do and makes sure you are happy because of them. A nice guy will understand that in order to have a long and lasting relationship, you need to be happy individually too even if it means a little sacrifice.

He is nice to your friends


Friends are brothers and sisters from other mothers. If the guy you are dating accepts the diversity of your friends and is able to jive with them he is genuinely nice. He doesn’t just say hi or hello to them but he connects with them as if they are long time buddies. Also, he doesn’t mind if your peer group is consisted of a few men. He just respects that you are friends with these people even before you started dating and trusts that you won’t mess around (and please don’t!).

He is nice to strangers


One of the great tests of being is showing it even to people he doesn’t know. Now by this, I don’t mean that he’s gullible to trust anybody. No. What I mean by being nice to strangers is that he treats other people with the same respect he gives you. He’ll gladly give his seat to the old lady, or will help a pregnant woman cross the street.

But more than that, niceness to strangers is reflected with how he respects people, especially when you’re not around.

He accepts your quirks


You love reading? He’ll buy a book and read with you. You love sports? He’ll love sports for you. Nice guys love and accept your quirks because he knows that these are the things that you have been doing even before you met, and probably, these are the same quirks that made him like you in the first place.

He is willing to compromise for you


One of the many things needed in a healthy relationship is compromise. Nice guys don’t assert their sides when they wrong. They know when and how to accept defeat. They understand that for your relationship to work, there are some bites of pride that needs to be swallowed. He knows that you are two different people and will probably have different views on things and he’s willing to lay down his interests for yours.

He is easy to forgive


You’ve gone into a fight? He’ll be the one to ask for forgiveness, and be the first one to forgive. He’ll smile politely at you, will shake his head and tussle your hair because everything is okay.

Nice guys know that forgiving easily patches up those potholes in your relationship. This is a sign that he understands you too commit mistakes and it’s okay because it’s simply a way to learn.

He walks the talk


Nice guys stand up for and does what is right. If they promised to walk you home from work as long as he can, he will. If he promised you that he’ll cook breakfast, or write you a poem, or be faithful to you, he does it.

He always tries to make you smile


Your smile is probably the only thing that makes his day. He wants to make sure you’re always okay. Even at times you are having difficulties in life, he’ll try to make goofy faces, or maybe hug you just so you know that he’ll be there, always.

Nice guys never fail to call you, or visit you when you’re sick, or sad, or just whenever you want him to. Because for him, seeing you happy means mission accomplished.

He sticks with you


Of course, lastly, every nice guy sticks with you through thick and thin. He’s always there for you. If your guy calls you to make sure you’ve already eaten, or if you’re already at home, then he’s pretty nice.

Remember, genuinely nice guys are difficult to find. Make sure if you find one, keep one.

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is the mind that spawned this mischief. He is purely evil and loves to plot evil things. He pretends for a living. Everyday he goes to work and faces the world like he's the nicest guy ever.

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