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When people ask me what my job is, I always make up  cool job titles. Somehow, it adds to my confidence. Having a job that gives a cool ring in people’s ears is a very good motivation tool. Of course, you want to keep a job that sounds cool to people who ask what you do in life. Somehow, it makes you work harder to keep that job.

Inasmuch as I make up cool names, there are these jobs that have had a cool name. These jobs are probably coined by cool people who just want to make the world a happier place. With these job titles, you would always look up to people who ask you what your job is. You shall answer with pride and confidence.


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So, I won’t keep you long, here they are:

 Crocodile Wrangler


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Crocodile Wranglers always have a foot buried six feet below the ground. They always deal with Crocs (or Gators) from saving these ferocious animals to the extent of even performing dangerous tricks. However, Wranglers have a very soft spot for these totally misunderstood animals as they try to care for Crocs and Gators. They even prevent people from hurting these reptiles! I personally consider Crocodile Wrangling as a noble job because they tend to animals that might even kill them for a very low pay.

Shark Tank Cleaner


photo from Heels and Wheels

You want more danger? Try the Shark Tank Cleaning profession. This is one of the jobs that put your left foot six feet before the ground. With sharks being animals with unpredictable habits, you place yourself in the baits of their teeth while cleaning their tanks all done in front of a lot of people.

Again, this is the job for people who have a lot of guts.

Fortune Cookie Writer


photo from NoDessert

Have you ever wondered who writes fortunes we find in fortune cookies? Well, they should have someone to that right? That’s what Fortune Cookie Writers do. There are a few requisites to be a Fortune Cookie Writer: you have to be creative, inspiring and philosophical. These three characteristics should all be concisely put in a small strip of paper. That is why you should have immense writing and communication skills mixed in with a pinch of humor.

However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, Fortune Cookie Writers earn less that novel or research writers having only less than $38,150 to $75,060.

Fortune Cookie Writers could also go freelance.

Pet Detective


photo from GameOST

Are you a great fan of Sherlock Holmes but have no guts to solve dangerous crimes? Well, you might go for this alternative. Pet Detectives, like Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura, perform roles like taking calls and reports of lost pets, taking pet records to prevent recurring cases of stray pets, provide owners with tips and the actual finding and pet detecting!

Whiskey Ambassador


photo from MetroUS

To every 21-year-old-and-over, this is the dream. Being a whiskey ambassador makes hits the coolest job titles in the list as its job relies on talking people into buying the whiskey brand. Whiskey ambassadors go in different bars, talk with bartenders and try to promote the brand. In this job, you need to be in good terms with a lot of bartenders, become great storytellers, know a great deal of information on different drinks and have amazing attitude to sales talk each bar into buying your brand. Of course, one of the perks of this job is having to taste different types of drinks! Sign me up o sign me up!

Weed Farmer


photo from Donstopliving

Okay, this job got on to the coolest job titles that actually exist list because it sounds cool. But don’t take this the wrong way. Weed farmers are actually people who tend to weeds, as in grass, rather than to get rid of them. They make money out of this by selling them to horticulture schools and labs for research.

Professional Traveler


photo from UCREGINA

One of the most amazing jobs ever. Professional travelers earn as much as $50 000 (plus health insurance)! And what do they do? Well, they just travel, all-expense paid trips! These lucky bastards travel for 12 weeks while doing a travel blog and hosting webisodes for the sites. on 2009, did this. Unfortunately, the site closed applications on November 2009.

Chocolate Tester


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If you love dessert and chocolates, this is a great job for you, sweet tooth! What you need to do is work in-house for chocolate makers (or maybe travel to different supermarkets) and taste all chocolates (includes your products and the competitors’) and asses the quality, conduct market research and test the stocks.

LEGO sculptor


photo from Agoraartgallery

These people are paid for their imaginations. Sitting all day, in front of a LEGO box and builds anything – this is everybody’s dream job. You basically play with LEGO all day and build cool creations. However, despite the fun in this job, there are only a few people who are accepted for the job, and I tell you, if you want to apply, you need to take a lot of creative juices in because they don’t kid when they talk about creativity.

Professional Sleeper


photo from weird-jobs

Love to sleep? This is the best job that suits you. What you basically do is sleep all day. Companies like research institutions (mostly psychological) can use you to monitor dreams, sleeping patterns and more academic stuff. You could also work for mattress companies to assess the comfortableness of beds.

There you have it guys, the ten coolest job titles in the world.


Having a great job title is good. It adds confidence to what you do and makes you even want to do it more. With a cool job title, you can be proud of your career path even if the real job isn’t easy to do. But you know what builds confidence even better? It’s loving your job. These people are cool not because of what they do, it’s because of how well they do it. Now, next time you get a job, try putting everything in it and I’m sure, you’ll make your own way of making it cool!

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