Analyzing 15 Of The Funniest & Wittiest Lyrics Of Lil Wayne [NSFW Language]

Analyzing 15 of the Funniest & Wittiest Lyrics of Lil Wayne [NSFW Language]

If you’re a fan of rap music then you probably have heard of Lil Wayne. He considers himself the “Greatest Rapper Alive”, whether you believe that or not there is no doubting his success, being one of the highest earning artists in the music industry.

Warning: this article contains language that is not suitable for children.

While 90% of his songs include the words “Pussy” & the “N Word”, there is brilliance in his lyrics that only his true fans are able to appreciate. I have compiled the 15 funniest and wittiest lyrics of Lil Wayne along with an explanation of what he probably meant so that you can finally understand the hidden meaning behind his masterpieces.

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