An Open Letter To My Ex: Afraid Of Losing You

An Open Letter to My Ex: Afraid of Losing You

I guess I’m more afraid of losing you more than anything else.

After all, there would be no logical reason that could explain everything I have done and more just so you can be happy, even if it means sacrificing my happiness for yours. I’ve left so much of myself behind, despite of whatever was happening in my life, just so I can crank up a joke or do something silly to make you smile. If I didn’t love you as much as I did, I would have never given a fuck, but you were the person whom I wanted to be happy so, yeah, I did give one big fuck.

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15 Reasons Bookworms Are Absolutely Hot

15 Reasons Bookworms are Absolutely Hot

Bookworms are absolutely hot! I never realized this until I dated one last year. Yes, they may not always readily look hot, or be hot for that matter, but the moment you start going out with them, you’ll realize that you have discovered an amazing experience that will never, ever be tarnished. Here are a few reasons why I found bookworms absolutely hot (and soon, became my type):

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